Strategic Plans

Re: Crafting a new Strategic Plan:   The Boone County Democratic Party Central Committee has appointed a subcommittee to draft a new Strategic Plan running through the next Presidential election cycle and beyond.   Subcommittee co-chairs Harry Feirman and Tom Pauley have had three meetings, all of which have been very productive.  We will be reporting back to the Central Committee as we proceed and we expect the new plan to be presented to the full Committee by the May 2017 Central Committee meeting.
Contact Harry Feirman or Tom Pauley, if you’d like to participate in this important work.

The 2013-2016 Strategic Plan

The Central Committee has adopted a strategic plan to effectively focus its work towards building a county-wide party that can get Democrats elected; provide a platform for mobilizing Democrats and like-minded individuals; and present a framework to help individuals identify the specific “nuts and bolts” party-building activities in which they may wish to participate.
Over a three month period the Central Committee undertook a frank and realistic assessment of situation of the county party to better understand the county-wide context in which it is operating, what the limitations are, why those limitations exist and what can reasonably be done to overcome them in the coming two state election cycles.
Based on its assessment  the Central Committee identified eight building block for an effective Boone Country Democratic Party (goals):
1.  Democratic message electronically disseminated to local leaders and public at large;
2.  Democratic message electronically disseminated to local leaders and public-at-large;
3.  Individuals and organizations that are Democratic supporters in Boone County recruited, motivated and     retained;
4.   Diversity within BCDP and Central Committee increased and the next generation of Democrats running for office and serving in leadership positions;
5.  Rural voter participation in Democratic Party increased    
6.  Effective Local Party Organization;
7.  Fundraising increased Positive media coverage of the Democratic Party message increased
8.  Democrats mobilized in elections
In addition a series of the broad nuts and bolts actions (tactical objectives) necessary for realizing the above goals were identified.  A conscious decision was made not to identify the specific actions necessary to achieve the tactical objective recognizing that those who will be working on the tactical objectives are in the best position to determine what is required.
Over the next months the specific of implementing the strategic plan will be “rolled out”
Click on the following link to read the detailed draft plan: