The Urgency of Ethnic Nationalism:citizens often face difficult choices. They have to decide how much of a priority to place on combating it.

A virulent nationalism, tinged with bigotry, is on the rise across much of the world. In the United States, Donald Trump won the White House despite — and partly because of — his disdain for Mexicans, Muslims and African-Americans and his flirtation with anti-Semitic tropes. In the face of this ethnic nationalism, citizens often face difficult choices. They have to decide how much of a priority to place on combating it.

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The Planet Can’t Stand This Presidency

Trump is in charge at a critical moment for keeping climate change in check. We may never recover.

President Trump’s environmental onslaught will have mmediate, dangerous effects. He has vowed to reopen coal mines and moved to keep the dirtiest power plants open for many years into the future. Dirty air, the kind you get around coal-fired power plants, kills people.

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Mizzou College Democrats Award 2017 Peg Miller Scholarship to Xavier Lukasek

The Peg Miller Mizzou College Democrats Scholarship Committee With Pleasure Announces Xavier Lukasek, 2017 award recipient. Xavier has been active in Democratic politics since he helped form a Democratic Club at his high school in Imperial, Missouri. He also served as the Development Director for the High School Democrats of Missouri. Since becoming active with the Mizzou Dems last year, he interned daily with the Jason Kander for Senate campaign performing many different campaign tasks. As part of the Mizzou Dems executive board, Xavier has been active planning events and rallies, and helped to bring the largest contingent of Mizzou Dems ever to this year’s Democrat Days in Hannibal. Xavier is a Democrat because he believes in equality and justice for all. He says the Democratic Party is the only party looking out for college students, the LGBT community, working folks, and unions. He also believes in a legal path to citizenship, and wants to see more progress on climate change issues.

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