All six Boone County Public School Superintendents voice united opposition to state funds for charter schools

They copied state senators and representatives with a signed joint Letter to the Editor sent to all our local papers…Astonishingly, no newspapers in Columbia or Jeff City printed it!

“….Every public school in Boone County has endured reduced State funding of public education programs, including transportation and Parent as Teacher’s (PAT) programs…..snip……..(W)e are opposed to any bill that funnels money away from public school systems in Missouri. As mentioned, our State has cut funds from this current state budget and next year’s cuts have been estimated at more than $500 million. Public schools will surely see additional reductions in funding. In the midst of these impending cuts, two reform bills are being debated right now under the banner of “School Choice”. If passed, these misguided special interest “reform” bills will take money directly out of our high performing Boone County school districts, as well as every public school district in the state, and subsequently place it into charter or private schools somewhere else in the state. One of these bills is HB 634 which will expand charter schools. The other bill is SB32 that will allow tax credits for educational savings accounts which, among other things, will allow public money to pay for religious and for-profit private schools.”

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